Vision and mission

African Premier College, formerly African College of Management and Computer Science, in its current expanded scope caters for Management and Computer Science (ACP, ICM UK, CCNA, and MICROSOFT) and Senior High School (BUSINESS STUDIES, GENERAL ARTS, HOME ECONOMICS, AND ICT) on two separate campuses.

APC is strategically located in Kumasi the second largest and the most central city in Ghana, to easily serve both Ghanaians and our immediate neighbors.  The location is also to   facilitate the complimentary role that it is expected to play to the University of Science and Technology, University College of Education, Kumasi Campus, Christian Service University College, Kumasi, Kumasi Polytechnic and Government Secretariat School, Kumasi.

African Premier College (APC) is a wholly Ghanaian owned private limited enterprise established to meet the growing needs of Ghana and developing countries throughout Africa and the entire world at large.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized College for Information Technology and Business Education.

Our Mission

To train students, institutional staff, and professional teachers for all levels of Education and Business, and contribute to the national human resource development effort.

Our Core Values

Our Core values include: Academic Excellence, Business Excellence, High Discipline, Integrity, Practical Christian Living, and Support to the Brilliant Needy